Why Service with Us at B&B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram?

Keeping your car up-to-date is essential to keep your car running smoothly. However, while there may be a temptation to visit independent auto shops, chains or friends for cheaper rates, it's better to service your car at B&B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. At our service center, we'll be able to get you the genuine certified OEM parts you need as we're the ones who know the most about your car. You'll also be kept up to date on the latest recalls of your car model.

While you wait, you can also relax in our comfortable waiting area. We also have open flexibility to accommodate your schedule. We are committed to giving you excellent customer service. We'll be able to help you service your car from battery changes to oil changes, whatever your needs may be, we'll gladly assist you.

If you're ready to see why our team in Honedale, PA is one place you can trust to get your car serviced, schedule an appointment with us today!

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