Tests For Seeing If Your Tire Tread is Safe On The Road

Back in the day – however long ago that is – drivers perpetuated the penny test for determining if one’s tread was unacceptably short, or still long enough to legally be considered sufficient for driving on United States roadways.

The so-called “penny test” involved taking a one-cent piece – the bronze alloy-plated piece with Abraham Lincoln on the front – and turning it upside down, so the former President’s head faced the ground. Next, the driver inserted the penny into the grooves of their tires’ tread.

Although they believed that the penny test was a convenient – yet accurate – means of determining if someone needed new tires or not, research from 2013 indicates that the “quarter test” should have been performed all along.

The penny test determines if the tire is bald or not, technically described as 2/32nds of an inch or shorter. The quarter test, on the other hand, determines if a tire is worn, or 4/32nds of an inch or shorter.

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