Before Taking a Trip with Your Pet, Consider These Tips

You are about to take a trip, maybe an hour on the road, maybe more, and you plan to bring your pet with you. Before you leave, you make sure you have everything: your luggage, and your pet’s toys, animal food, treats. Everything looks good, but you may have skipped a vital component; make sure to play with your animal before you leave! Run around in the yard with them a bit, have them fetch or otherwise occupy them before you get in your car. Doing this may be able to prevent your animal from being potentially antsy or anxious. We all know how sitting in the car for a long time can be boring; imagine how it is for your pet! So, it is a good idea to work all their energy out so they will be restful and calm as you commence your trip.

We at B & B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram want you to have a fun and safe trip with your pet! Make sure to visit us at our location in Honesdale, PA, if you are looking for a spacious vehicle to accommodate for your upcoming travels.

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