The Warning Signs That Your Brake System Could be Failing

Miss the warning signs that you vehicle's brake system is failing, and you could find your foot hitting the floor the next time you need to stop in an emergency. If you identify any of these warnings, bring your car to B & B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram so a skilled brake mechanic can get the vehicle on the lift.
1. There is a strong burning smell coming from the area of the brakes while driving.
2. The brake indicator light stays lit on the dashboard in your vehicle whenever you are driving the car.
3. When you depress the brakes, there is a squeaking, grinding, or squealing sound coming from the area of the tires.
4. Once you depress your brake pedal, the vehicle suddenly pulls to the side or bounces up and down.

Bring your car to the brake service center every 12,000 miles so a technicians can identify issues long before they become trouble.
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