How a Soft Pedal Indicates Your Braking System Needs Attention

If you notice your brake pedal has a soft or spongy feel the next time you apply pressure, our service technicians at B & B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Honesdale urge you to make a service appointment to get it checked as soon as possible. A soft feeling when using the brake pedal is an indicator your braking system needs attention to keep you safe on the roads around Honesdale .

A soft brake pedal may mean air has gotten into your brake line, affecting the brake fluid's ability to maintain proper pressure. A spongy brake pedal can also mean the brake lines have leaks or rust corrosion, causing brake fluid leakage. Corroded brake calipers and bad wheel cylinders are also ways your brake pedal is providing a warning signal about brake part replacement. A loss of hydraulic pressure due to a worn master cylinder also makes the brake pedal spongy, a sure sign you need brake service!

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