Safety Comes First With The Dodge Grand Caravan

For many years, families have come to rely on the dependability of the Dodge Grand Caravan. You can check out this minivan at B & B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and see for yourself why so many love this vehicle. It has plenty of room for the family, and it is a safe vehicle to drive.

One of the important safety features that you will discover when you check out the Dodge Grand Caravan is the rear camera. This camera allows you to clearly see what is behind the vehicle when backing. This helps to prevent accidents when backing out of parking places or down the driveway of your house.

The Dodge Grand Caravan also offers you the safety of all-speed traction control. This system monitors all the wheels for slipping. If needed, the system can apply the brakes to slipping wheels. The engine power can also be decreased to help the vehicle regain proper traction.



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