The Blacktop Package of the Dodge Durango

While you may be satisfied with any one of the Dodge Durango vehicles, there is one that is worth looking into for the features that are going to give you the performance and style that satisfies. This particular feature package is one of the stand out packages that make the Durango very popular with customers.

The feature package worth looking into is the Blacktop Package. This feature earns the name because of the gloss black features in the appearance of the vehicle. One example of a feature that is appearing in gloss black is the 20-inch aluminum wheel set.

Other features that give the Durango Blacktop its appearance are the gloss black grille and the gloss black exterior mirrors. The gloss black features really bring out a sense of fun and aggression in the Dodge Durango. Therefore, customers that are looking for a ride with a sense of fun will be satisfied with the Blacktop Feature Package.



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