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Why Windshield Wiper Fluid Makes Driving Safer in Winter

The cold weather is here in Honesdale, PA, and that means you need to prepare your ride for potential trouble ahead. One of the things most drivers forget as they head out in the cold weather is not switching to a quality windshield wiper fluid. Here is why it is so important:

The windshield wiper fluid contains a small amount of antifreeze, enough to keep the mixture liquid even below freezing. If all you have is water in the washer tank, then it will freeze and has the potential to damage all the parts of the washer from the pump…

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The Role of Horsepower in Our Car Buying Decision

We are accustomed to judging the power of the engine of a vehicle by the amount of horsepower it has. For most of us, this is a vague measure of how fast the car will go and how quickly we can get the car up and go from a standing start.

Of course, this is all true, but the true origin of the term "horsepower" is an interesting one. In the 18th century, the famous inventor, James Watt needed a way to sell steam engines to his customers so he came up with a measuring standard based on the work…

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Why Service with Us at B&B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram?

Keeping your car up-to-date is essential to keep your car running smoothly. However, while there may be a temptation to visit independent auto shops, chains or friends for cheaper rates, it's better to service your car at B&B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. At our service center, we'll be able to get you the genuine certified OEM parts you need as we're the ones who know the most about your car. You'll also be kept up to date on the latest recalls of your car model.

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True Cost of Ownership is More than Just the Sticker Price

Buying a new car is exciting, but can be a long and stressful process. Calculating the cost of your car can be equally as stressful. Fortunately, our finance experts at B&B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram are here to simplify both experiences for our local customers.

When you decide to purchase a vehicle, you must consider more than the sticker price or monthly payment. Sometimes tags, title, and taxes are not included in the cost of the car, and you'll need to foot the bill for those things. Also, don't forget to figure at the price of your…

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CarGurus Pours on Praise for 2017 Dodge Challenger

If you're in the market for a high-octane sports car, we here at B&B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram have a sneaking suspicion you'll discover your perfect fit in ours, the 2017 Dodge Challenger.

And what makes us say that, you wonder?

That answer, conveniently enough, can be found in the clip below. Pair up with CarGurus personality Cliff Atiyeh, as he takes the Challenger for a test run:

While it'd be inaccurate to depict the Challenger's base engine -- a 3.6-liter V6 -- as "sluggish," it nevertheless kind of seems that way when put up against…

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CarGurus Can't Contain Excitement for 2017 Chrysler 300

Has the full-size sedan segment been calling your name? Well, if so, we here at B & B Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram think you might like to have a good, long look at ours, the 2017 Chrysler 300.

Might you be two peas in a pod?

Truth is, only time will tell. So, for now, we suggest you scope the clip below; CarGurus commentator Nicole Wakelin is here to highlight some of the 300's best qualities:

Performance-minded motorists are bound to flip their wig for the sedan's mid-level trim, the 300S.

Standard features on this model include a 300-horsepower…

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Dodge Extends Drag Racing Sponsorship

An automobile brand known for its super fast muscle cars sponsors a drag racing event. Makes sense right? Yes, the Dodge brand has sponsored the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Event, and looks to continue it into the future. 

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Party in the back this season with the Ram 1500

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We're all about seasonal activities, and with the Ram 1500 in your driveway, practically anything is possible-- packing up for a weekend camping getaway, loading the tailgate up with pumpkins, or filling up the truck with everything you need for a great tailgate party. Loving these ideas? Here are the features that make epic family time happen this season...

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